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Lasko 5307 Review

Lasko 5307The Lasko Products Company is great at making small, lightweight, attractive heaters. The Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heateris no exception. Place one in the corner of your room, plug it in and let it go to work. Trust me, you will hardly know it is there. But in no time, you will notice the chill is gone and you will be able to go about your business in complete comfort.

There are many (and I mean many) tower space heaters offered by Lasko Products. And each heater is unique. Differences in features and styling give you the opportunity to select the precise unit for your needs.

Best Tower Heater

The Lasko 5307 is a very popular tower space heater model. With a low price tag, simple features and handsome design, it fits the bill for many light heating situations. Will it comfortably heat a 10’ x 10’ room? I would say so…depending on the room construction (wall insulation, window area) and outside temperature trying to get in. It might even heat a 12’ x 12’ room. However, much larger than that will likely be too much to expect.

But it will take the chill off most any room, and in many cases that’s enough!

The unit is about 16” tall and with a base that measures approximately 6” x 7”. The unit is lightweight, weighing-in at less than 4-1/2 pounds. In order to move the unit, there is a grab slot in the back. This allows you to conveniently take it from one room to another using just one hand. There is also a three year warranty.

Lasko 5307 HandleOperation
The operation of this model is fairly straightforward. The control panel is located at the top surface of the model and angles toward you, making it easier to operate. The panel contains two dials. One is called the power knob and the other the thermostat knob. The power knob contains four settings: off, fan only, low heat and high heat. The low heat setting runs at 750 watts while the unit operates at 1500 watts while set on high heat.

The thermostat knob uses a series of dots to control the heat output at each wattage level. The larger the dot, the greater the amount of heat and the warmer the room will become. With the thermostat set, you can keep the room at a certain temperature without having to constantly adjust the heating unit.

The thermostat works as follows: When you first turn on the unit, set the dial to its highest level. Allow it to operate Lasko 5307 Controlsthis way until the room temperature is where you want it. Then, slowly turn the knob back until the unit turns off. After that, let it be. This Lasko 5407 Ceramic Tower Heater will now stay at this heat setting with no further adjustment needed. When the room begins to cool off, the unit will power-up to heat the room back to the desired temperature. Once the room is reheated, it will power-off until needed again.

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Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

The unit also contains an oscillation feature. This allows heater to rotate back and forth in order to project heat to different corners of the room. The stable base of the unit helps it to rotate in a steady, quiet manner. With the oscillation feature, the Lasko Tower Heater creates an even, steady flow of heat throughout the entire room.

It should be noted as well that the product contains the ETL Listed Mark. This certifies that the unit has been independently tested and complies with accepted safety standards.

If your goal is to heat a small room or take the chill off a mid-sized room, this unit will do just fine. Lasko heaters are known for getting the most out of their 1500 watts of power. And it won’t make a lot of noise doing it. Even when running at its highest output, you almost don’t even know it’s there. And the oscillation feature is a silky smooth.

The unit is no eyesore either. The color is two tone gray and is neutral enough to be hardly noticeable. The tall, sleek design makes it look more like a sound speaker than a heater. This is true with all of the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heaters, by the way.

The front metal grill that radiates the heat will get hot. So keep an eye on the kids and the pets. However, the plastic housing along the back and sides stays surprisingly cool to the touch. If you need to turn it off and move it, there is no reason to wait for it to cool off.

With this unit you get steady, reliable heat; two power settings; thermostat for comfort control; fan only option for warm weather use; oscillation to disburse heat; quiet performance; easy to operate thermostat; attractive design and a three-year warranty.

Some customers complain about a red light at the front of the unit which stays lit even when the unit is turned off. Tower Space HeaterThis is likely a safety feature to avoid knocking it over in the dark. The light goes out, when the unit is unplugged.

Speaking of knocking over, there is no tip-over shut off switch which many models in the same class contain. Although the weighted base makes tip-over unlikely during normal use, it is not impossible. The unit does contain a safety shut off which will turn it off in the event that it becomes too warm (something that can occur if the unit tips over). Still, the automatic shut off would be good to have.

The only other occasional complaint is of a feint smell during operation, usually when the unit is first put into use. This complaint is not uncommon among ceramic heaters in general. In most cases, this odor disappears as the unit is used more frequently.

Lasko 755320 Review

When it comes to portable tower space heaters, perhaps the most popular alternative to the Lasko 5307 is the Lasko 755320. Both towers feature a maximum wattage of 1500 and are ETL listed for safety.

There are a few notable differences between the two models. The Lasko 755320 Tower is larger. At 23” tall it stand a full seven inches above the Lasko 5307. This feature gives you more radiant surface area from which to distributeLasko 755320 digital control view the heat.

With its digital display and automatic temperature control, this model gives you even more control of the comfort level of the room. Use the automatic temperature control feature to set and maintain the exact temperature you are most comfortable with. The unit will turn on and off as needed to keep pace with any temperature changes in the room.

A digital timer function will allow you to run the unit for a preset period of time (up to eight hours) before automatically turning itself off. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the space heater will shut down on its own even if you forget to turn it off yourself.Lasko 755320 remote control

Finally, a remote control comes standard with this Lasko tower heater. This allows you to control all of the heater functions from anywhere in the room.

Overall, the Lasko 755320 provides reliable comfort with more ways to control when and how heats the room.