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Lasko 754200 Review

754200The Lasko 754200 heater is an excellent choice in the low priced space heater category. This sturdy, compact portable heater is capable of heating a small room on its own while also taking the chill off a much larger one. And as a space heater under $35, it is easy to understand why this small heater has become one of the most popular ceramic space heaters sold on Amazon!

The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heaterfeatures an adjustable thermostat. It is also a convection heater in which a fan pushes air across ceramic elements which are heated with electricity. This warmed air blows into the room heating the air around you.

Best Heater for a Small Room

The first thing you notice about this heater is its compact size. Out of the box, it looks too small to warm anything more than its own space. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Plug it in and power it on and your opinion will immediately change. This little block of heat is powerful, and it heats up very quickly. So quickly in fact that within a short time, I needed to move the unit to another area of the room, away from where I was sitting.

But the impressive part is this. Although the front grill becomes quite warm, as you would expect for the amount of heat it passes, the housing around the unit is actually cool to the touch. You can comfortably lift it, turn it sideways, adjust the position however you like. Just keep the hands off the metal grill. This also means all of the heat is moving forward to warm the room and none is escaping through other areas of the heater.

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Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat


The Lasko 754200 is small in stature. At 6” x 7” x 9” tall, it is about the size of a loaf of bread. While it is by no means heavy, at just under 4-lbs, it weighs-in about the same weight as some of the larger Lasko tower heaters. The unit runs at both a low (900 watt) and high (1500 watt) setting.

Overall it has a solid look and feel. Lasko 754200 HandleThe grab slot in the top rear part of the unit makes it easy to move from room to room while keeping your hand far from the heat of the front grill. The machine also comes with a three year warranty.


The operation is similar to other space heaters in its class. There are two dials at the top of the machine. The left dialsLasko 754200 Controls contains four settings: off, fan only, low heat and high heat. The right dial controls the adjustable thermostat feature.

The instructions call for setting the thermostat at its highest level when you begin using the heater. Once the room reaches the desired comfort level, turn back the thermostat dial until the unit turns off. This tells the machine how warm you wish to keep the room. Thereafter, the Lasko 754200 will turn itself on and off as needed to maintain that level of comfort.


Many of the smaller sized heaters do not operate at 1500 watts. This one does, and that is a lot of warmth for a small unit. However, you also get the option of using a lower when the need for heat is not so great. It is not the quietest of heaters, but it is by no means loud. You will know it is running, but it should not disturb someone watching television or holding a conversation.

As mentioned earlier, the unit heats up very quickly and the front grill will become hot during operation. However, the tight weave will prevent direct contact with the heating element for even the most curious of fingers.

According to Lasko, this heater will perform its best when it is cleaned regularly (every two weeks during steady use). Cleaning can be done using the soft brush attachment to a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or lint from the front grill. The rest of the unit can be cleaned with a soft cloth. And always unplug before cleaning.


This is a simple, no nonsense heater, capable of supplementing the heat of a large room or holding its own in a smaller one. The unit is E.T.L. listed, so it meets high safety standards. Also for safety, the unit contains a feature called a “thermal overload protector.” This means the heater will power off if it should reach a temperature which might cause it to overheat.

The fan only feature makes it a machine that can be used year round. And the adjustable thermostat with two power settings gives you the ability to set it up and let it be.


This is a basic machine which will not have the features of other, more expensive models. It moves Lasko 754200 in actionheat straight ahead only, and will not oscillate to push heat toward other parts of the room. The thermostat will sense the temperature of the room, but will not give you the option of setting it to a specific degree. There is no timer. Once again, pricier models have features such as these.


As I mentioned earlier, this is an extremely popular machine. What it lacks in bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in reliability and affordability. Overall a solid unit.

Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko MyHeatThe Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heateris worth a look as a stylish, low-cost personal heater. With six colors to choose from, the unit looks more like a modern music speaker than a space heater.

As a compact ceramic heater using just 200 watts, it is not meant to warm up an entire room. But for personal space like at a desk in a cubicle or next to your favorite chair, it should work just fine. Sometimes the feeling of warm air nearby is all you need to fight off the chill.

Operating the Lasko Personal Ceramic Heater is straightforward. The on/off button in the lower right corner controls the unit. Set it to the off position, plug it into the wall and turn it on. You will quickly feel the gentle, warm air. A low speed fan is used to move the heat. However, when in use, you can barely hear it running.

The Lasko Personal Heater also will not take up a lot of space. It stands 3.8”L x 4.3”W x 6.1”H. Like other Lasko Heaters, it is ETL approved and features a safety turn off which will shut down the unit if it begins to overheat.

If you need a low-cost, reliable heater to keep nearby, check out the Lasko MyHeat.